Interview with V-Money

09 April 2013 Armenian
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1. When and how did you start DJ-ing?
I was always into music as a kid, growing up I new I wanted to be involved somehow in it. In 2004 I was introduced to DJ’n by a fellow DJ, and from that day I new I had found my calling.

2. How did you come up with your name?
In High School I used to make CD’s and sell them. This was back in the days when not a lot of people had Napster and a CD Burner. Since my real name is Vahe a lot of none-Armenians couldn’t pronounce my name and they just called me “V” this one student started calling me “V-Money” because he said “V always gets that Money”

3. What interested you to be in this field?

Growing up I would always see DJ’s such as: Jazzy Jeff, Jam Master Jay, Skribble and I would always imagine myself in their shoes. Watching MTV and seeing all the spring break parties and realizing it was a DJ rocking that entire crowd, it really inspired me.

4. Why do you DJ?

Its my calling in life, its something that takes me to another world. To me it is not a job, it is what I love to do.

5. You are exposed to music and entertainment in much enlarged forms. What are some of the things that you, as a DJ, did or would do to make a difference in todays music? Do you like what goes on in the entertainment business today?

Music has evolved so much since my days, some people like today’s music and some don’t; but for me I appreciate it. As for the entertainment aspect of it, it’s always been the same and it will always be the same.

6. What have you accomplished with your work?

From traveling to many countries & cities worldwide, to playing with the best DJ’s, Artists & Producers this industry has ever seen.

7. Who do you or have worked with?

Bob Sinclar, Yves LaRock, Nadia Ali, Fischerspooner, Bruno Mars, Andy Caldwell, Heidi Klum, Afrojack, Morgan Page, Bruno Robles, Marcus Wyatt, Krayzie Bone, DJ Miss Nine, The Game, R-Mean, Capital Z, Maria Cozette, Super Sako, Arthur Abraham, Vanes Martirosyan, Yura Movsisyan, Ani Tamrazyan, Miks Erevanski, SDotB, Edita.Collection, Mona Roberts.

8. Do you have any albums? If yes talk about them, if no state why not.

I have Mixtapes & Mixes. I have a few mixes made by me and I have hosted a R-Mean mixtape as well. Album will come in summer of 2013.

9. In the world of music how are you being recognized?

As a great person who loves to play amazing music. I have gained a lot of recognition through social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. I also get recognition for my mixes which are available on various websites such as Soundcloud.

10. Do you have any upcoming shows/events?

I have a lot of private events coming up, but I also play at many Hollywood/Downtown LA clubs. It varies which ones on a weekly basis.

11. What major projects are you working on?

Currently I am R-Mean’s DJ (have been since 2007) and we are all focusing on the making of 7DS (7 Deadly Sins) R-Mean’s upcoming album. After that I will concentrate on my DJ album.

12. Does your culture play a roll in your career?

Off-course! I’m not only a DJ in the Hollywood scene, I also DJ Armenian weddings & occasions.

13. State some artist/djs that you would like to work with.

I don’t like to mention names, I go with the flow, whatever pops up that week I work with. I have worked with some incredible people so far and I’m hopeful the list will continue.

14. Do you work with Armenian artists? Are there any Armenian artists that you would work with? (State some names if any)

Armenian or not I love to work with talent.

15. Are you familiar with the Armenian show-business in USA and Armenia?

Yes, very well.

16. What do you like/hate about it?

I love the fact that it shows our people have grown in the past 10 years as artists, and as for as hate? I dislike the word hate because it’s very strong, but I can say I dislike the fact that we don’t show many more talented Armenian artists who do exist.

18. Any news/wishes/thanks/shout outs/announcements in terms of recognitions or shows or something that you would like to add.

I just want to thank everyone since day 1 who has played a roll in my life to help me get to where I am today. Shout-Outs to my entire Pentagon family: Alex Kodo, R-Mean, Reza, DJ Inormis. Thanks to someone very special who pushed me in the past 2 years to take it further.


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