R-Mean feat. The Game - Lost Angels (Lyrics)

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R-Mean, The Game

My hood, my block, my city loves me for the things i do / And there aint no way to stop me / They all seen where I been, already know where I been / but you can't go if can't follow in the footsteps of a lost angel

Verse 1:
If u on top im bout to push u off B / im like a wobbly bridge over treacherous waters, dont cross me/ i can give u my address, even give u the cross street/ u be usin that mapquest, still i bet u get lost b/ its R-Mean homie i dont squash beef, i hold grudges/ u cross me and ima kill all u muthafuckaz / strictly spit the type of shit u feel/ so they be like Yo he aint Jewish but he Is-Real/ my yamaka is my dodger fitted/ its a holocaust how the R will off these garbage soft rappers, no Hitlers/ came from humble beginnings, now we humble contenders/ with a flow that's sharp enuf to circumcise all of ur infants/ yeah im rocky in that slaughterhouse/ cocky like ur daughter's mouth/ shawty's bout the bottles that we poppin as we order rounds/ its goin down, these bitches prove that/ and i dont eat her pussy i get other chics to do that

Verse 2 (The Game):

On my grind since '05 / I had a cutless but I aint have no drive / All i ever wanted to be was a street nigga / Dre put me in a freestyle battle to eat niggaz , so I did / now my kids in private school and Im on private jets / it aint a fuckin thing I regret / it aint a fuckin thing i respect, except God / drinkin Ace of Spades, pull every one of you niggas' cards / fuck every one of your broads / no remorse / take the condom off, nut in that bitch and let the sperm take its course / Dr Evil / my attitude worse than Styles P, 10 times worse than Beanie Sigel / I'm the sequel / speak my name and Ima see you / u aint never seen a devil in a bullet proof regal / clutchin 2 eagles like thick shoulder pads / Im the westcoast king , I know they mad, but fuck 'em...

Verse 3:
So follow me, heaven my destination/ ill show that we in-hell like the sess we blazin / im inspired like my lungs, cemetary off 'em / these wack rappers, robitussin couldnt clear ur coffin / ur cornea show that u corny/ i carry California on me/ u couldnt , ur vertebrea'll crack / got u slippin like a disc in a herniated back / fuckin with this lost angel / homie im far from a saint tho / so who stoppin the / big bodies , im coppin the S class u push lil c's like Junior Mafia / so grab ur dicks if u love Hip Hop/ and rub ur muthafuckin titties if u with me/ this for my city / so if u new to this/ peep how we do this shit / the weak will get eat cuz the streets full of Judases / the meek shall inherit, Game bodying the rest/ been grey but today the sun rises in the west


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